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[Video] Outside My Home on Lake Huron

I am more excited about 2013 than I have ever been in business over the past 10 years.

NEVER has it been easier to build the business of your dreams if you follow a system.

However, never has it been harder to achieve the results that you want due to the increased number of distractions in life and access to too much information.

I have talked with so many people over the past few weeks that tell me they have dreams, but trick themselves into thinking they are taking action on them.

The reality is that few people today are really living on purpose with their dreams.

What’s wrong with investing in yourself so that you can follow a system that assists you with accelerated focus and execution?

When it comes to entrepreneurship, any learning which is separate from *doing* business activities in the context of sales and marketing is simply a waste of time.

Suppose you were to laser focus for one month more intensively than you have ever focused before.

What could you get done?

Imagine accomplishing in the next 30 days more than you have done in the past 30 years?

Do you think that’s possible?

Picture yourself operating at your highest self—*re-creating* YOU on the fly.

How would that change your life and your future?

What if you could operate from a platform of excellence (instead of perfection)—how would that release you to finally operate freely to be yourself?

Below I shot this business coaching video from my home. (My home doubles as a retreat center for my One-Day Private Intensives for clients who invest to work with me for an entire day.)

I shot this for two reasons: First of all I don’t look particularly flattering (I needed a haircut) but I wanted to show my friend how quickly I get things done as opposed to how he operates. Secondly, I wanted to send him and you a crucial message about success in 2013!

He is still planning on shooting his *first* video and it’s now been OVER three months he has been planning this!!!

What I want you to see from my video is that imperfection is part of excellence! (Think about that!)

My friend unfortunately operates like 99.99% of well-intentioned people who have no clue that accelerated focus and execution is possible.

Because of this, most people sit and over-think which ultimately leads to zero (NO) momentum!

Are you ready to take the plunge (I don’t mean jumping into Lake Huron!) and challenge your assumptions about success?

Are you ready to take focused-outcome driven action?

I want to be a part of your journey in 2013.

To Accelerated Profits!

YOUR Mentor,



Watch This Video Outside My Home on Lake Huron. Don’t Make This Fatal Mistake in 2013…


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