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What happened when Troy (my client) came to my house…

Tweet Find out what happened when Troy (my client) came to my house… Read more about this post here                  

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This MD just sold an additional $50,000 in one evening. [Another business coaching testimonial]

Tweet He Spent A Ton Of Money Going To Medical School Being Trained As An MD. Now Dr. Bob Has The Specific Skills To Make More In An Evening Of Work Than What He Spent In All Of His Years In Medical School. He Uses Stealth Systems Leveraged By These Five Business Coaching Principles. NOTE: The Following Video Is
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A $1,240,000.00 (You Read That Correctly!) Coaching Program Sold In Only 8 Weeks! [Million Dollar Business Case Study]

Another business coaching case study demonstrating what focused execution and accelerated accountability does for clients who build their businesses on the power of The New Guru Model. These are clients who have built a million dollar business by learning how to strategically educate their prospective clients to not only choose them, but their premium priced programs.

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A Starbucks Millionaire? (That’s What They Call Me I Just Learned)

I never heard of a Starbucks millionaire until I found I was called one. Watch this business coaching video from The Super-Rich Coach Series and discover a new process to pitch that can put any entrepreneur in the ‘power position’ to close high end deals.

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Protected By An Uzi Carrying Guard In Cozumel, Summitting Mount Everest, Pitching Million Dollar Deals…Personal Diary Revelations Of A Former Vice Principal

Personal diary excerpts of a former Vice Principal showcase what ‘Speed-to-Market’ looks like. Entrepreneurs must have systems of executing faster than their competitors. The culmination of a new system of speed in business is reflected in New Guru Model.

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