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A $1,240,000.00 (You Read That Correctly!) Coaching Program Sold In Only 8 Weeks! [Million Dollar Business Case Study]

Another business coaching case study demonstrating what focused execution and accelerated accountability does for clients who build their businesses on the power of The New Guru Model. These are clients who have built a million dollar business by learning how to strategically educate their prospective clients to not only choose them, but their premium priced programs.

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A (Skeptical) Former City Councillor Creates Million Dollar Business In 12 Months And Provides His Cell Number!

More video social proof on how businesses are transformed by the power of the New Guru Model coaching program. If you want to build a million dollar business in ‘Speed-to-Market’ fashion you are going to need a system that goes against the popular advice of what most experts teach on how to sell information online.

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Youngest Person Online To Sell A Coaching Program For $35,000.00

Introducing another case study showcasing the power of the New Guru Model ( With accelerated systems of business execution and advanced learning processes ordinary people are able to structure their advice into premium priced programs quickly and easily.

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How I Evolved A $100,000 Coaching Program

How this former Vice Principal discovered a system to properly evaluate his information. Here are some critical principles that he learned to evolve a $100,000 coaching program and the reason that today the Awakened, LLC’s coaching program has more social proof than any coaching or high level mentoring program today.

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