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Better Video Marketing Part III

In this third post of the better marketing videos series, let me give you a few more tips for improving your videos. Videos are one of the most effective and least expensive ways to promote your business. If you are using video marketing, you are not making as much money as you could be.

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Better Video Marketing, part II

You might have seen the first post in this better video marketing series a few days ago. Here are a few more tips to help make your videos as effective as they can be.

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Better Video Marketing, Part I

As you may know, we offer an executive mentoring and training program to help experts develop and promote their own high priced programs. One marketing element I encourage all my clients to add to their business is that of video marketing.

I do a lot of video marketing, and it always makes me smile when I go to events and people come up to me, saying, “You must be Glenn Dietzel. I saw some of your videos.” This makes me smile because it means my video marketing is working. Are you using video marketing in your business?

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