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A Test To See If You Qualify To Sell Your Advice For Top Dollar

Do you qualify to sell your advice for top dollar? If you want to impact your market place, you must know how to create high priced programs.

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3 Problems in Defining Intellectual Property

As you know, I’m an expert on helping entrepreneurs create massive cash flow by creating and selling high end programs and services. Many people approach me, wanting to know the three biggest problems in defining intellectual property today.

The thing you must know, before we begin, is that the Age of Intellectual Property is here.

If you want to create massive cash flow rapidly, you must know how to define your intellectual property well, and value it properly.

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Energy Follows The Investment

Recently, I’ve been asked by a few different people about the value of selling high priced programs and services. I know I’ve touched on the benefits before, but in case you have just recently joined my community, let me remind you of two of the benefits here, briefly:

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