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Got Sales Recommendations?

One of the key elements of my business coaching and sales mentoring process is that I focus on DSR: dominant sales recommendations. When I am coaching clients, I frequently remind them to focus on their dominant sales recommendation, and to make sure this is clearly outlined and embedded within their educational sales process.

The dominant sales recommendation is the main action you want your market to take. It is the metric for measuring your marketing. Your marketing is only effective if people are buying. Your marketing is extremely effective (well targeted, well positioned) if people are directly purchasing your dominant sales recommendation.

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How Much Are You Selling Each Day?

A challenge I recently put to my high level mentoring clients was to start tracking how many minutes per day they invested in sales and selling. For most of them, it was less than 15 minutes per day. This was shocking to them, but about what I expected.

The most important aspect of your daily business is marketing and sales. You must devote the majority of your time to marketing your business and to closing sales. It doesn’t matter what you’re selling, or how big or small your business currently is- without sales and marketing, you won’t have a business for very long.

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Make More Sales With This Formula

When I was speaking with my executive mentoring clients last week, one of them asked me a very good question. “Glenn,” she inquired, “How can I make more sales fast?”

While there are several ways to increase your sales, the simplest formula comes down to this:

More Sales = amazing benefits + amazing credibility + amazing difference

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