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A Starbucks Millionaire? (That’s What They Call Me I Just Learned)

I never heard of a Starbucks millionaire until I found I was called one. Watch this business coaching video from The Super-Rich Coach Series and discover a new process to pitch that can put any entrepreneur in the ‘power position’ to close high end deals.

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Multi-Million Dollar Business Set Up In ONLY 6 Months [Super-Rich Coach Episode 10]

Episode 10 Of The Super-Rich Coach features one of the case studies of New Guru Model. This episode was shot on a secluded beach on Cozumel Island, Mexico.

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Shot from Cozumel Island, Mexico [Super-Rich Coach Episode 9]

Episode 9 of The Super-Rich Coach showcases the newest ‘Speed-to-Market’ principle for business acceleration to control market places in 2012. It’s the power of the New Guru Model!

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What’s Your Business Multiple? [Super-Rich Coach Episode 6]

Failure to focus your attention on your business multiple prevents entrepreneurs from executing as fast as they could in today’s market place. One of the fastest ways to increase your business multiple is in knowing how to strategically position your company as covered in Super-Rich Coach Episode 6.

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[Super-Rich Coach Episode #5] How To Use (BIG) Numbers In Attracting Top Dollar Clients

Episode #5 of The Super-Rich Coach video series demonstrates how to use numbers to frame your value proposition so that you can attract clients to choose your premium priced programs and services.

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